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Smartcards. What you need to know.


Top-Up Smart Cards are an alternative to the credit card, whilst also removing the need for you to carry cash for the exact fares or change everyday.

Cards can be bought here and topped up on line or onboard the bus. *Online top-ups can take up to three working days to clear as its a manual not automated process. Onboard top-ups with the driver are automatic. 

Each card holds a maximum active credit value of £50 to reduce risk.  If multiple top-ups are purchased, they will be uploaded to the card individually and activated once the credit balance on the card is sufficiently reduced. 

Please remember to register your smartcard once you have received it, the registration of your card enables us to hotlist it for you if lost or stolen. This will enable us to protect the remaining credit balance once reported.

Lost or stolen cards should be immediately reported to the cards registered email address. 

A balance on your card can be found on the footer of your trip ticket, you can also ask the driver to print off the card balance for you from the ticket machine. 

If you have any questions about our smartcard please don't hesitate to ask here.

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