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Tickets & Refunds

Q. Can I change my ticket after I've bought it on the bus?

A.  Tickets can be annulled if you advise the driver before you leave to go to your seat. If a ticket has been bought on a smartcard we will need your smartcard number and details of the ticket you bought on board. Your refund request will be reviewed on an individual basis. Request your refund


Q. What happens if the driver doesn't have enough change for my ticket.

A. The driver will ask if you have a card to use contactless, if you don't they will offer to look to give you the correct change upon the conclusion of the journey.

Q. Do children travel free?

A. 3 children who are aged 4 or under can travel for free with any fare paying adult or concessionary pass holder.

Ticket Types Available On Any Route:

Adult Day Return - Two journeys on a single route 

Adult Single - One single ticket 

Child Day Return - Two journeys on a single route 

Child Single - One single ticket 

Concessionary - All concessionary passes issued regionally and nationally 

Dog Rider Ticket - All ticket receipts go directly to support 'Fenbank Greyhound Sanctuary

Network Rover  - Daily Ticket for one person across all Brylaine services 

Group Rover - 2 Adults and up to 3 Children  or 1 Adult / 3 children on a single route.

Payment types: 

Cash - Please have exact fare wherever possible. 

Brylaine Smartcards 

Contactless  - Cards & Mobile payments

Concessionary cards 

Lincolnshire County Council Education Passes - Route Specific Only


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