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Passenger Information

Passenger Charter

Priority Seating & Wheelchair Spaces.

All buses have clearly marked priority seats for anyone who needs them. If one isn't available, please ask if someone will give up a seat. If you are using a priority seat and you don't need it, please be ready to offer it to someone who does.

Every bus has a designated wheelchair spaces, which you can find by looking for the wheelchair symbol on the outside of the carriage or using the level access boarding point.

All wheelchair spaces are at least large enough for a 'reference' wheelchair of 700mm x 1200mm.

Visual Information

Visible information is provided extensively across our buses.

You can plan a journey using either our Timetables, or by downloading our APP from either Googleplay or the Apple Store

Printed timetables can be sent to you by calling 01025 364087, or will be available for collection from your local Borough Council Office, Post Office or Tourist Information.

Any person requiring audio support can contact the office on 01205 364087 or speak to a member of our staff.

Low-floor Access 

Whilst in most places there is a step or a gap onto buses, most buses are able to kneel to reduce the step-up.

Drivers are expected to pull in close to the kerb where there is one in situ.

If you need low-floor access and the driver has not already knelt the vehicle, please ask if he or she can do so.

Safety & Security 

Your safety is of prime importance CCTV is used extensively across all our vehicles and workspaces.

Find out how we use CCTV

If you feel unsafe or experience any incidents of crime (including hate crime) or antisocial behaviour whilst travelling on our vehicles, please talk to our staff or the police.

Travel Assistance Cards 

Travel Assistance Cards have been designed to help disabled and older people when using public transport, and can be particularly helpful for people with hidden disabilities such as visual impairments or learning disabilities, and for people who are afraid of falling.

You can use the card to let the bus driver know about any requirements you may have when getting on the bus.

All you need to do is:

  • Print off the sheet which can be downloaded below.

  • Cut out the card or cards that you want to use.

  • Keep them with your bus ticket / concessionary travel pass. 

  • When you get on a bus, hold the card up to let the driver know what help you need.

Click here to access the sheet

Carriage of Mobility Scooters 

There are three classification of mobility scooter.

Brylaine will carry Class 1 & 2. and Class 3 Wheelchairs 

Brylaine will NOT carry Class 3 Scooters which will be refused carriage.

Class 1 - manual wheelchairs, i.e. selfpropelled or attendant-propelled, not electrically powered;

Class 2 - powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters, intended for footpath or pavement use only with a maximum speed limit of 4 mph; Examples shown on the reverse of the leaflet."Class 2 scooters with 3 or 4 wheels will be accepted provided they are no more than 600mm wide and 1000mm long, with a turning radius not exceeding 1200mm, and subject to the other criteria set out herein.

Class 3 - powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters, for use on the road, with a maximum speed limit of 8 mph but with the facility to travel at 4 mph on a footpath or pavement. Identifiers for drivers.

To help passengers please click here to download the leaflet.

Data Protection   

For more information click here 

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