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Roadworks & Diversions

We will try and keep our passengers as up to date as possible with road works and diversions across our services.


Sometimes though, we are unable to if its an emergency or immediate road closure. 

Download our App from either The App Store or Googleplay for realtime updates.

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B5/5X/A7 & A8

15th April - 3rd June

We will be operating along Abby Lane during these extended roadworks with the support of LCC Highways.

This means that any passengers who normally board any of the above services along Tattershall Road between Sainsburys and The Abby Lodge, from Monday will need to board at either 'The Inn' or 'Archers Chippy'.

The direction of travel (Horncastle, Lincoln or Boston) will define which side of the road you need to wait for the A7 or A8 - the B5/B5X will always be directly outside 'The Inn'.

The roadworks are expected to last 2-3 weeks and we thank you in advance for your patience and support as we operate up to 30 trips a day along Abby Lane. It's a very narrow road but we are limited as there are no other accessible routes to maintian service times for passengers, Any other diversion route will add an extra 20 mins running time each way for the B5/B5X which we know from the past two years of delays and diversions; passengers rightly find unaccepatble.

Drivers will be going very slowly and we ask that if you can, please give way to the buses as due to their weight and wheelbase length they cannot go onto the verges.

Thank you in advance for your kind support.


B9 & A1

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