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UPDATE - ROUTE NOW OPEN IC5 30/01/2021. (Diversion effecting Nocton & Potterhanworth)


IC5 Nocton/Potterhanworth Diversion #IC5

IC5 service from Boston to Lincoln via Nocton/Potterhanworth diversion. 20/04 - 07/05/2021.

We will operate into Nocton on the B1202 and exit via Wellhead Lane onto the B1188. We will then operate into Potterhanworth via Station Road and exit the village past the Golf Club along Moore Lane back onto the B1188 into Branston.

This means we will be unable to serve Nocton Hall Gates, The War Memorial and opposite the Park Gates in Potterhanworth, along with the Sleaford Road bus stop on the way into Branston.

We expect this diversion will add approx +5 extra mins to the journey time

Please ensure you make the driver aware on their approach if you would like them to stop by raising your hand.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause .

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