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B11 Boston - Spilsby - Boston: NEW Timetable variation to serve William Lovell School - Stickney


B11 Boston - Spilsby - Boston:

The 1430 journey from Spilsby to Boston has been retimed to operate at 1500 from Spilsby to support William Lovell students wishing to access the school from locations between Spilsby and Boston.

We will be offering a Child Return fare for any students attending @WilliamLovell CE. Students travelling from between Boston or Spilsby en-route, will now be able to ask for a return fare to the school and be charged £3.70 per day.

The service leaves Boston/Spilsby:
_Boston Bus Station at 0745 and leaves Boston via the Market Place, John Adams Way & Spilsby Road. arriving at Stickney Post Office 0810
_Spilsby Market Place at 0745 and arriving at Stickney Post Office at 0807.

The service leaves Stickney Post Office / Adj to Stickney Primary School at:
_Returning to Spilsby 1605
_Returning to Boston 1514

Students will be allowed to use their day return tickets for after school clubs:
Last buses to Boston 1644 & 1814
Last bus to Spilsby 1605 & 1739

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