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Saturday Services - Update For Passengers



Saturday Bus Services - Update

It is with regret that we announce Brylaine will not be reinstating our commercial Saturday Bus Services directly after 31/03/2022.

Whilst we have endeavoured to recruit in the 10 weeks since halting them, we are still unable to deliver a full level of service. Therefore, we are continuing with our initial team purpose of operating all timetabled bus services between Monday - Friday, to ensure consistency and confidence for passengers travelling throughout week days.

Lincolnshire County Council have confirmed that they will continue to support the alternative operators in place delivering much reduced Saturday services timetables, until the end of July 2022. We are advising passengers requiring 'weekend bus services' to visit for timetable information.

We hope to be able to advise passengers of any changes and/or the reinstatement of weekend bus services over the following months. Rest assured, we fully understand the impact of restricted weekend bus services across the districts of Boston, South Holland and East Lindsey.

In the meantime, we would sincerely like to thank all passengers for their continued support and kind patronage of Brylaines local bus services.

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