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£2 FARE CAP 03/01/2023 - 31/03/2023



£2 Single Fare Cap 2023


Millions of people can access affordable bus travel this winter, thanks to the Government’s
fare cap encouraging passengers to ‘Get Around for £2’.

Bus operators outside London will introduce the cap from 1st January to 31st March, backed by £60 million Government funding, offering a saving on the average single fare. Here at Brylaine, we hope this will benefit rural communities, commuters and families who bear higher fares than their city counterparts, due to longer end to end journeys with less frequent services.

The '£2 single fare cap' will be available on all Brylaine services, this includes the B5/B5X between Lincoln & Boston and the B3/B3X between Boston & Spalding; it should enable substantially reduced costs for our passengers, specifically adults commuting daily and those over 15 attending school or college without travel concessions.

As the bus fare cap is designed to support families through cost of living pressures until 31/03/2023, it is being communicated through the HMG 'Help for Households' (HFH) campaign.

The scheme also encourages people to swap their cars for bus journeys, helping families save
money during cost of living pressures, while also reducing carbon emissions by taking 2
million cars off the road and encouraging greater bus use to help the industry in its continued
recovery from the pandemic.

Buses Minister Richard Holden said: 

“Bus travel remains the most popular form of public transport in England, making up around half of all journeys. That’s why we’re investing £60 million to cap single bus fares at £2 to support every passenger and help get people back on the bus. 

“With the scheme set to take two million car journeys off the road, it’s fantastic to see so many bus operators signing up to the fare cap, helping people to ‘Get Around for £2’ between the 1st January and 31st March.” 

Here at Brylaine, we hope this helps save you money through winter, as we all dig deep for 2023.

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