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September 2023 Timetable Changes

30th August 2023

Timetable & Route Changes from the 6th September 2023

There are a number of timetable changes effecting services starting on the 6th September 2023.

These effect route numbers.

63 Langrick - Horncastle
A1 East Heckington - Boston (Has been rerouted and will now serve Swineshead Village it will not serve Amberhill or Hubberts Bridge)
A8 Horncastle - Tattershall (Has been retimed and will start/end in Horncastle)
B20 Kirton - Old Leake (Will no longer serve Spilsby Road and Pilgrim Hospital)
B3 Spalding to Boston (The 0730 from Spalding will NOT serve Boston Girls High School)
B3 Boston - Spalding (The 0730 from Boston is re routed along Warden Tree Lane and will go to the schools first before returning to Spalding Bus Station, all Grammar School Students will disembark on Churchgate)
B4 Stickney - Spilsby (The 1500 departure from Spilsby has be retimed to 1510 to support William Lovell School)
B4 Stickney - Boston (A duplicate service had been put in place to support AM/PM student movements to William Lovell from Boston Bus Station)
B5 Lincoln - Tattershall (The 0740 departure from Lincoln will NOT serve Nocton, Dunston & Potterhanworth)
B5 Boston - Tattershall (The 0800 departure from Boston has been retimed to 0740 to support Barnes Wallis school)
B9 Boston - Spalding (Now Serving Johnsons Hospital)
B9 Spalding - Boston (Now Serving Johnsons Hospital)
G78 West Pinchbeck - Spalding has been retimed

Please check the timetable section of the website for specific details.

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