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Fare Review July 2023



An increase of 5% to be actioned from 24.07.2023.
Fares will be applied up or down to the nearest 10p. 

Rest assured, applying a fare review is something we absolutely did not want to do under the cost of living crisis, however we are all buffered by the £2 SINGLE FARE cap which remain unaffected and will continue on until the 31st October 2023.

This will then be followed by a £2.50 single fare cap which will run until the following October 2024 supported by the Government and DFT.

However, our costs have risen exponentially and are set to rise even further. In order to explain why we have to increase fares, we hope that passengers and the public understand that the bus services we operate are 92% commercial.

So when the operational cost to deliver bus services from heat, light, fuel, wages, insurance, licences, vehicles, parts, tyres, digital systems, rates, pensions and just about every other overhead that can imagine has increased - it applies to us too; sadly, just like any other aspect today will impact you as a passenger.

Where does the money from my fare go?
The vast majority of revenue from passenger fares covers the day-to-day costs of running the buses, for example paying for operating costs, overheads, fuel and staff. There is an ongoing heavy burden of legislation with the PCV Industry being heavily regulated. The cost of applying and administrating compliancy, Real Time information, vehicle specifications, licensing and DDA to name but a few - have in the past 5 years risen exponentially. We will and are still lobbying for more support towards your local rural bus service by the regional authority and DFT.

On average, 95p in every pound of your fare goes directly back into the operating costs. That’s because here at Brylaine everyone works hard to get more out of every pound we earn to ensure passengers fares go further in supporting the local bus network.

Whilst a fare rise is something we did not want to implement at this time - knowing full well many local residents and families are already stretched. Rest assured we continue to be committed to offering our passengers the best value fares possible, with the aim of keeping bus travel as affordable for all, whilst investing to improve our services for passengers.

We will always as a local family business, thank you for your continued support and kind patronage of local bus services.

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